Take a breath away

I can take your breath away, you said once. This time I told you. No. You can take my breath away. And now you do. Coldly. Without a doubt. So my heart breaks. Twice harder than it ever was. Advertisements

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Breathe, Because It Will Be Okay

2017 has been a rough and tough year; I was struggling with a lot of things, most of the times. It was hard; overwhelming. Everything wasn’t going really well; Nothing goes as I planned. I still don’t know where my life is heading. I failed to accomplish my goals too many times. I bid someone […]

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The purpose of the pain in life.

“People only see what they wanted to see, hear what they wanted to hear, but unfortunately, they can’t only feel what they wanted to feel….” That is what I thought in my mind. I wonder why in life, people can choose what they wanted to see and hear what they wanted to hear. Like, sometimes […]

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Stay. The word that can be said so easily, yet one of hardest thing to do. We often expect people to stay. We often expect things to stay the same. Yet, if someone ask us to stay, stand by them through ups and downs; if our faith ask us to stay, to our conviction; if […]

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